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Addressing sleep disorders comprehensively requires a team approach
sleep apnea - holistic dentist Sydney

o The team available to help you:

  • o Our dentist, accredited in the fitting of anti-snoring dental splints.
  • o Sleep physician, a medical specialist whose practice is limited to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
  • o Ear, nose and throat surgeon.
  • o Buteyko breathing trainer
  • o Nutritionist
  • Recognising sleep disorders can actually be quite difficult as people will rarely discuss their sleep problems with their dentist. However, because our patients visit us two or three times a year a dentist is well placed to recognize the early signs of sleep problems. A common symptom of sleep disordered breathing problems (SDB) is tooth grinding or clenching. So patients might report to us broken teeth or waking with sore jaws. They may have gum disease of gum recession. Headaches first thing in the morning are common. Finally because we check your medical history every six months we can see if there are changes or problems controlling your blood pressure or any type of diabetes.

    A thorough dental examination by an experienced dentist will often show tell-tale signs of airway obstruction and snoring problems.

    If I suspect a problem, and your 'sleep history' is confirming it then I will suggest some simple testing using specialized equipment. This will evaluate your nasal and oral airway for obstruction. With all this information I can make a suggestion as to who in our team is most appropriate to assist you and how to get started.

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